Desert Island Risks® originated some years ago as a board game ‘fun for all the family’!  In my various teaching, lecturing and training/assessing roles over the years I have always been seeking out or creating learning resources.  With the rise in popularity of TV and other media which features paradise islands I decided it was time to go digital with Desert Island Risks®.  The format is based on popular tile-matching games where the player accumulates points.  The difference with Desert Island Risks® is that players have the opportunity to gain (or lose points) with the arrival of the lobster which poses a multiple choice question!  The player is rewarded with points and a useful object for a correct answer but the risk is that a player will receive a useless object for an incorrect answer.

The prototype was developed over the Twelve Days of Christmas 2019 (one of the best gifts I’ve ever had!); the full version was developed in 2020 (during Lockdown) and now includes Maths and English Functional Skills, Digital and ICT Skills, Safeguarding (with embedded British Values and Prevent), Leadership and Management, Business Administration and Customer Service. 

I am passionate about giving learners access to engaging resources and particularly addressing some of the more challenging issues around safeguarding and increasing awareness of where learners may obtain guidance.  Playing the game will contribute to Off Job Training.

My vision for the organisation which is now JAM Ed-Tech Limited is to create and commission a user-friendly e-portfolio system; I propose this will be called ‘JAM File’.

Desert Island Risks® is registered with WGA (Writers’ Guild of America, Ref: 203287).