BMet – shaping the economy through apprenticeships.

BMet is a large Further Education college with three main campuses based in Birmingham: James Watt College at Perry Barr, Matthew Boulton College in central Birmingham and Sutton Coldfield College. Erdington Skills Centre is a satellite site linked to James Watt College.

Our specialised training portfolio addresses the region’s key sectors: Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering, Construction, Business Professional & Financial Services, Creative & Digital and Medical and Health, ensuring high-quality, sector-specific education and training.

Dedicated to empowering a diverse student body, BMet aligns its expansive curriculum – including apprenticeships, A Levels, T Levels, vocational courses and degree level programmes with the West Midlands’ workforce needs, ensuring seamless progression into employment.

BMet excels in tailoring apprenticeships that benefit employers and learners alike, blending academic rigour with hands-on practical training and our relationships with thousands of employers allows us to customise programmes that support the growth of the apprentices and individual and regional business needs.

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