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Cheshire Beauty College has a reputation for excellence in the beauty industry, and our training courses are accredited by many prestigious organizations, such as the Vocational Training Charity Trust (VTCT), International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC) Associated Beauty Therapists (ABT) and The Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists.

In summary, if you want to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the aesthetics industry, Cheshire Beauty College is the perfect place to train with our flexible approach, comprehensive courses, experienced trainers, and industry accreditation and our training courses are accredited by leading professional bodies such as the CPD, VTCT, and ABT. This provides our students with the assurance that they will receive high-quality training and will be recognised by employers and insurers.

Join us today and take the first step towards a rewarding career in beauty, laser and aesthetics.

There are numerous opportunities available to students training at Cheshire Beauty College, including:

Practical experience: Students will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience by working with real clients in a professional salon setting.

Continued education: The college offers a variety of advanced training courses and workshops to help students expand their skills and knowledge in the beauty industry.

Career guidance: The college provides career services to help students identify their goals and navigate their career paths in the beauty industry.

Recognition: Graduates of Cheshire Beauty College receive a recognized qualification, which can help them stand out in the competitive beauty industry job market.

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