The 2018 event was opened by Safaraz Ali, co-founder & CEO of Pathway Group

Safaraz (Saf) originally from the financial services sector, is a social entrepreneur and is the co-founder & CEO of Pathway Group. Pathway Group is a National Workforce Development Solutions Provider with a key focus on apprenticeships. Safaraz has been instrumental in Pathway delivering a very wide range of programmes over a period of 15 years starting off as an ESOL provider as well as delivering Train to Gain, Adult Community Learning, Youth Contract, Troubled families, Innovation Fund Innovation Fund, various ESF activity such as Skills Support for Workforce, Skills Support for Unemployed, Skills Support for Redundancy, Skills Support for Work Programme and also English and Maths Qualifications just to name a few. Saf also heads the Pathway2Grow business networking group for employers and has plans to expand that nationally. Safaraz is a passionate self-taught marketing fanatic, loves technology and is always pursuing improvement and development in himself and others around him and this is why he usually has around 3 business books on the go at any one time and is particularly favourable to Audio books. Safaraz is the creator for a number of business concepts and models that are in use in business growth hacking and HR processes. You can follow Safaraz on Twitter: @safarazali