Do you want a career that counts?

If the answer is yes then you might want to consider an actuarial apprenticeship.

Actuarial Apprenticeships offer you the opportunity as a student at school to get into the work place without taking a degree. There are many schemes available from actuarial employers, which you can find in our Directory of Actuarial Employers.

There are two schemes that are available for you to chose from – either embarking on an apprenticeship taking the Certified Actuarial Analyst (CAA) qualification or taking the Fellowship exams. It will be the decision of the company that you apply for to decide what route they decide to take. Both are incredibly beneficial and will take you on your journey to becoming an actuarial professional.

With an apprenticeship you can go from school into a career in finance or business, working for some of the world’s top employers, earning whilst you learn.

Watch our short animations below to find out more about what an apprenticeship means and what the CAA is and how it could benefit you.

So, if you love maths, analytics and data then this could be the career for you.