The future’s fluid – shape it with us
At Severn Trent, we bring clean water to over eight million people, every day. Together, we’re delivering and caring for the world’s most precious resource.
We’re a fluid organisation – the challenges we face are always changing, and we’re changing to meet them. From harnessing the power of digital technology to finding safer, more efficient ways to save water, we’re building a network that’s ready for the 21st century. As an Apprentice, you’ll be at the heart of that transformation.
No matter which route you choose to take, we’ll give you the freedom and the tools you need to:
· Explore your interests and build your own career path
· Discover new skills and gain nationally recognised qualifications
· Think fluid and approach problems from different angles
· Learn about the science of water, from the ground up

Do something that really matters
Lots of people talk about making a difference – but we really do, whether that’s by protecting people from flooding or just ensuring that the water they need is delivered safely, affordably and sustainably.
We’ve got a range of different apprenticeship schemes for you to choose from, including Operations, Engineering, Finance and Digital/IS.
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