The National College for High Speed Rail is the largest of five new, national employer-led colleges being created by the Government to help students develop high-level technical skills. It is dedicated to the future of the high speed rail industry in Britain.
Opening in September 2017 on state-of-the-art campuses in Birmingham and Doncaster, the college will offer the higher level training required to support future high speed rail projects like HS2, creating a workforce fit to lead projects at home and abroad. Rail employers are at the heart of the college’s development, informing the curriculum and providing equipment and staff to ensure students are equipped with the precise skills required for a new era of rail.
Through a combination of classroom teaching and real work experience, the college will offer technical and professional courses, using the very latest industry technology, to learners that are starting a career in rail infrastructure, looking to switch careers, or are part of the existing workforce. The college has innovation and diversity at its heart and by achieving its vision – pioneering technical excellence – will deliver meaningful, long-lasting change to the rail industry.
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