National Minimum Wage: Earned it, Owed it, Been paid it?

Almost all workers are entitled to be paid the National Minimum Wage (NMW) – it’s the law. You must be at least school leaving age to get NMW – this is usually around age 16.

Imagine working hard, only to realise that you aren’t getting paid what you’re legally owed. That’s where HMRC (His Majesty’s Revenue & Customs) can step in, we enforce the NMW, ensuring you get paid what you deserve.


The rate you’re entitled to depends on your age and whether you are an apprentice. You can find details of the different rates of pay on GOV.UK.

It’s not just about getting paid the right rate though, there are things that can happen that can mean that you are being paid less than you should be, for example:

  • having to pay for things like uniform or a dress code
  • having deductions taken from your pay
  • not getting paid for all the time that you work

If you think you’re being underpaid, you can report it to HMRC online or through Acas (free advice on workplace rights). HMRC will investigate, talking to your employer and other workers and looking at records. If we find underpayments, we make the employer pay you and anyone else affected the missing wages, plus a penalty.

We’ll never tell your employer that you have spoken to us, and you can even ask someone else to talk to us on your behalf.




To find out more come and see us at our stand at the National Apprenticeship and Education Events where we will tell you all about the things you need to look out for when you are working.

Remember, a fair wage is key to feeling valued and respected. Don’t let anyone short change you!


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