Cognassist is a unique online platform focused on helping every learner reach their full potential and empowering learning providers for the future. Our cloud-based platform identifies neurodiversity in under 30 minutes, provides personalised learner journeys and transforms learner outcomes.

Simply take our digital cognitive assessment to understand how you think and learn, gain confidence and feel empowered in your learning experience.

Here’s what some of our learners had to say:

“I’m a very visual learner. With my apprenticeship, I’d struggle with new information. But with Cognassist, the information you get is broken down into short chunks and easy to understand. My answers to questions got better and stronger and I’m a lot more confident in my knowledge of hospitality.”

“Cognassist is like the cement that holds bricks together in terms of learning”

“It’s a short snappy reflective learning tool that can help you work towards your aspirations.”

The Cognassist assessment and support programme is only available to apprentices who are training with providers partnered with Cognassist.  Be sure to ask training providers if they partner with Cognassist to understand what support you can expect from your apprenticeship.