Institute of the Motor Industry

The IMI (Institute of The Motor Industry)

Do you want to be a part of a mobility revolution? The Automotive sector has over 218 diverse and rewarding career paths to take, meaning you could build a dream career, placing yourself at the forefront of the transformation towards a more sustainable, Green, and advanced future of travel and transportation

The Automotive sector plays a vital role in keeping the country and our world moving. Ensuring people, goods and essential services get to where they need to be safely.

Technical and engineering roles across light vehicle, heavy vehicle, and accident repair, alongside careers in Sales and marketing, business and finance, customer service, HR, Logistics, motorsports, digital ICT and more, there is something for everyone in Automotive.

And thanks to the range of pathways available from entry to degree level apprenticeships, full time further and higher education courses, you can learn in the way that suits you best.

The IMI (Institute of The Motor Industry) is the professional body for people in the Automotive sector. We develop industry leading training, qualifications, and apprenticeship standards, supporting members to maximise their career progression.

The automotive industry has a vast range of career paths and opportunities, and the IMI and can help to steer you towards a rewarding career path within this fast moving sector

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