Why take on an Apprentice?

There are many ways apprentices benefit their employers:

Fresh talent

Every business needs innovative ideas to keep growing, and new people to generate and execute these new ideas. Young people bring new energy to any business; they’re keen to learn and keen to try out new ideas.

New skills

Because they’re being trained now, apprentices will learn skills that might not currently be used in the workplace: bringing new knowledge to the businesses that take them on.


Research shows that employers find apprentices make the most loyal employees. A survey showed more than half of employers offering apprenticeships say that apprentices stay in the business longer than other recruits.

Meeting social responsibilities

Every employer has a wider responsibility to their local community and wider society. By taking on an apprentice, a business is:

Increasing the life chances of the young people and boosting the economy

Demonstrating that the business is socially responsible, and raising the business’s community profile

Helping to tackle unemployment in the local area, and creating a more diverse workforce

Supporting the UK’s strategy to help young people into employment.

Attracting new business

Research shows that that apprenticeships are not just helping employers to build a loyal, skilled workforce, but enabling them to attract new business. 76% of apprentice employers polled say they promote their apprenticeship credentials when pitching for new business or talking about their company.

A third of employers questioned said they are more likely to choose a supplier or partner if they offer apprenticeships.

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